10 Dressing Mistakes Men Make That Makes Them Look A Mess

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Being in style is not something you need to spend a fortune on, knowing how to go about it is what makes you stand out.

You can buy a cheap attire and wear it expensively based on your style but unfortunately, most men think they are stylish and so do not need advice from anyone but when a stylist walks into a room, everyone can tell he looks different from all the other men.

You might see yourself as being stylish but you could be making a lot of mistakes with the way you dress and it is pretty common among a lot of men.

Here are 10 dressing bloopers that make men look a mess.

1. Tucking up your shirt sleeves.

It is common these days to see men tuck up their long sleeves all the way up but what they probably do not know is that it makes them look childish and cheap. It also at some point, rolls down and looks messy.

You can still tuck your long sleeves but you need to do it properly and in style. Instead of folding it all the way up and making it look crumple and not even and unprofessional, you can tuck it up by unbuttoning your shirt, roll your sleeves up to your elbow and from the base of the rolled sleeves, roll it over again and keep it like that.


2. Muffin Tops.

Muffin top is when men dress and their tucked in shirts seem to have pulled out of their trousers, creating a muffin top at their waistline when in fact, the shirt should be tucked in properly.

This is pretty common these days and it is because we don’t tuck in our shirts properly. Muffin tops make you look unprofessional and sluggish. So men intentionally do this after tucking in thinking it is the best but truth is, it makes you look cheap and unkempt. Others just don’t know how to properly tuck in a shirt. If you really want to solve that problem, then you need to tuck in properly. You can try the military tuck in.


3. Wearing Sunglasses And A Hat Indoors Or At Night.

Doing this clearly defines who you are, that you’re not courteous or lack etiquette.

Usually, doing this defeats the purpose of the hats and sunglasses. Sunglasses and hats are usually worn to block sun rays or to provide shade and so wearing them in the night or indoors clearly makes us want to ask the question, “What do you need that for?”


4. Wearing Winter Jackets In The Hot Sun.

This is very common among Ghanaian rappers or hiplife artists. The fact that you want to emulate American rappers does not mean you should dress like them. The way you see them dress is because of their weather, you can’t be wearing same here in this hot sun. Truth is, in a weather like ours, you need to take off your jacket because man is definitely hot.


5. The Perception That Leather Shoes Are Only Meant For Suits And Ties.

A lot of men find it uncomfortable wearing leather shoes with jeans and a polo T-shirt because they feel it is inappropriate but the truth is, they are not.

Not wearing leather shoes over some jeans only limits your style. They can be worn with jeans or even with shorts if you want to. So for the records, leather shoes are not only for boardroom meetings.


6. Wearing Only Sneakers.

Alright, we get it, you want to look hippy and stylish all the time but wearing only sneakers all the time limits your style. There are a lot of other shoes out there you can wear to look dashing such as loafers, chukka boots, chelsea boots etc. that can diversify your look and make you look better.


7. Wearing Leather Shoes Without Socks.

Wearing shoes without socks not only makes them smell bad, it also gives you blisters and makes you feel uncomfortable and this affects your walking and posture. And oh! when you take off your shoes, even flies run for shelter. It is quite embarrassing to be well dressed but when you take off your shoes, it stinks bad. To save yourself the disgrace, always wear your socks.

sockless boots


8. Knowing When To Tuck In And When Not To Tuck In.

Shirts these days basically communicate with you and can tell you whether you should tuck in or not, but if you don’t know the features, you’re likely to tuck in shirts you’re not supposed to and rather not tuck in shirts you’re supposed to.

So how do you tell if you have to tuck in or not? If the shirt is long and passes the length of your wrist, then it is a sign you should tuck in. But if the shirt is shorter and above your wrist, then it means you don’t need to tuck it in. Simple as that.

tucked in or not?


9. Floppy Collar.

If you’re wearing a suit without a tie on your shirt, it is not good to let your collar lie flat, it is better to let it stand straight. To achieve this, make sure you button the collar buttons, the small buttons that keep your tie in place and let it stand stiff. This makes it look professional even without the tie.


10. Not Dressing For The Occasion.

Some men are just poor at dressing for the occasion, they feel that’s how they dress and so that defines who they are and so nobody can tell them what to wear. Truth is, nobody cares about what you wear, it is the occasion that determines what to wear. You can’t go to the beach in a suit and tie, the same way you can’t go to an interview in a soccer jersey. Learn to dress for the occasion, it speaks loads about you.