10 Very Beautiful Protective Hairstyles To Help You Grow Your Hair

Being a naturalista is not all fun and games.

Sometimes, you need to wear a hairstyle that will look amazing and give your hair minimal damage. That’s where protective styles come in!

Here are some awesome protective styles for you to try out.

1. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots will definitely make you look an African Queen, and make your hair grow too.


2. Wigs

Tired of wearing your natural hair? Get yourself a fabulous wig and give your hair some time to grow.


3. Flat twists

Flat twists are easy to make and look absolutely great. Here’s a step by step guide to making Flat Twists. 

Twist cornrows


4. Havana twists

These are made using the Havana hair extensions. For bigger loose twists, apply a little pressure when twisting. For thinner twists, you pull them tighter.

Havana twist


5. Faux Locs

Want to get dreadlocks without the commitment? You can get faux locs installed. The best part is the are very conducive for hair growth, and they last a while.



6. Ghana weaving 

Ghana weaving is a great way to make cornrows. There are so many style options and it can last for a while.

Ghana Weaving Collage

Image: ByHairstyle27/Mahalkitaaaa/Instagram


7. Box braids

Box braids are the go-to style for many naturalistas. It’s pretty versatile and always looks dope.



8. Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a great way to protect your hair. The best part is, when crochet braids unravel, they look beautiful and curly.



9. Big cornrows

Big cornrows are simple and easy, and they work well for those who like low-maintenance hairstyles.

Big cornrows


10. Yarn twists

These are made with wool and are great for hair growth.

yarn twist2