8 Shoe Hacks You Will Need This Christmas

Image: AmazonAW

If there is one thing about our outlook that we barely take good care of, then it will be our shoes or sneakers.

This is because they are on our feet and usually get dirty quickly and so always going back to work on them becomes tiresome.

They easily smell too and dealing with that is such a headache. Well, it boils down to the fact that many people don’t know about the easiest way to handle shoes and sneakers.

Here are 8 shoe hacks that will surely make you thank us later.

1. Stinky Shoes.

If your shoe stinks, just grab 2 bags of green tea and drop them in your shoes, problem solved.


2. Leather Soles.

If you have some nice shoes with leather soles and it makes it slippery, don’t worry. When you buy it new, get yourself some sandpaper and scrub the sole a bit. This will give it a firm grip on surfaces and you wouldn’t worry about slipping anymore.


3. Wet Shoes.

Let’s say you were caught up in the rain and it got your shoes wet, no need to worry about it stinking, just grab some newspapers and put them in it and leave it to sit till the next day. The paper will absorb all the water in the shoes. To keep it smelling fresh, you can go to point number 1.


4. Big Shoes.

If your shoes are a half-size too big and you still love them, all you need to do is add an extra insole and it will fit perfectly.


5. Waterproofing Your Sneakers.

It is raining and you still want to step out but then you don’t want to get your sneakers wet. Well, you can waterproof it by rubbing a candlestick on it and then later heat blow it and you’re good to go.


6. Cleaning Your White Sneakers.

You can use your toothpaste to clean your sneakers to make it look nice and new again.


7. Using A Shoe Horn.

Well, we know you don’t see the need for it but it is very important to always have one at home. Using a shoe horn to put on your shoes does not only make you fast, it also helps maintain the integrity of your shoes. So remember to get one from the market and make sure you use it all the time.


8. Keeping Your Feet Firm In Your Shoes.

In case you realise your feet slips when you walk in your shoes, or it feels like the insole is moving, just apply some baby powder in there it will keep it firm for you.