6 Things Men Want To See A Woman Wear

image: Malay Mail

Men may like seeing a half naked woman.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to look provocative to please a man. Sometimes the most innocent and casual style can get a man’s attention. It will leave a lot to the imagination, and sometimes that’s better than revealing everything.

Here are 6 things men love to see a woman wear: 

1. Glasses.

The right pair of glasses makes a woman look like there’s more to her than meets the eye. Is she a genius? Does she read? Is she into poetry? Why doesn’t our culture’s vanity get to her and make her wear contacts?


image: jonathan toraldo

2. Sundresses.

Sundresses make every woman look like a goddess. And while I can’t deny there IS a sex appeal to them, I can assure you there are bigger reasons guys love these that go beyond the perfect way in which they hug every curve of your body.


image: Bossip

3. Ponytails.

It’s no secret that guys love long hair. They love touching, admiring, smelling and pulling your long, long hair.


image: Pinterest

4. No makeup.


image: Laurina Machite

5. Leather jackets.

Leather jackets make you look confident, and men find confidence very sexy.


image: Be Edgy

6. You in their shirts.

You’ll probably look better in it.


image: Pinterest