White Pastor Attacks And Hurls Racist Insults At Ugandan Staff And People Aren’t Happy

image: AZCentral.com

Racists are out there. 

A Vietnam veteran claiming to be a missionary wasn’t acting too godly as he assaulted hotel workers in Uganda where he called the employees the n-word and threw punches in the name of ‘Jesus’.

The white pastor called Jimmy L. Taylor’s angry attack was caught on camera and he was arrested soon afterwards and charged with assault and malicious damage for his attack at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala on Thursday.

The video of the 69-year-old’s physical and verbal abuse has gone viral displaying the Arizona man, who while being seemingly drunk, jumped over the hotel front desk to smash glasses and insult workers, all because he wanted to get his room key.

The video has been making rounds on social media, and people, in particular Africans weren’t too pleased with the white veteran’s actions.

Here is the video: 

The Arizona man showing no regards as he points the middle finger at the camera. 


image: facebook

The white ‘veteran’ trying to punch the Ugandan staff member: 


image: facebook

The five minute clip sees Taylor, sporting a Vietnam Veteran cap, follow hotel workers saying ‘You hate Jesus, you hate yourself?’ then hit a worker in the face, challenging him to fight saying ‘come on b***h, come on w***e.’

‘F**k Uganda. I’ve come to love Uganda, I’ve come to help Uganda, but Uganda hates Jesus through this son of a b***h,’ he said pointing at a worker.

Then he calls the staff ‘n***er b***h’ adding ‘You’re not a human’ as he smacks him in the back of the head,  ranting about God and demanding his room be opened for him.

The video was posted online and quickly went viral with 60,000 views, raising alarm to police and leading to Taylor’s arrest on Thursday.



image: facebook