Things That Happen Only In Nollywood Movies

There can be only one Nollywood.

Nollywood is one of the biggest movie industries in the world but, there are sone things that make it stand out.

Here are some of the things you’ll see in Nollywood movies only:

1. Ghost knock on doors

2. Ghosts take Public Transport

3. A guy was shot on his bike, but he parked the bike first before dying.

4. A son openly told his dad that he’s going to use him for rituals

5. Hiding from SARS/ Police

6. This Lady say her butt is breathing

7. This is how they take Nollywood scenes on bikes

8. Remember Aki and Pawpaw, they caught their dad cheating

9. I think these actors smoked weed on set

10. Hairstyle for the Nollywood bad boys

11. Nollywood has the most insane movie titles

Image: UnCova

12. Only Nollywood has weird superheroes with weird super powers

Image: Twitter/Kppe_

Image: JimmySonde