This Slum For Poor Whites in Africa Has Made Blacks Angry For This Reason

image: Metro

When you google ‘Squatter Camps In South Africa’, these are the images that show up.

Basically white people wallowing in poverty and living in slums throughout South Africa, an image that is most often portrayed with blacks all over the continent, and it is causing a lot of anger among the black community.

Black South African internet users went to condemn Google for misinformation in reference to the results from searching “squatter camps” in the country, questioning why images of poor white citizens were shown more than that of black citizens, who make up the largest group of dwellers living in slums and informal settlements across the country.

Some termed it as propaganda and lies incited by google.

There is more exposure of white people living in slums on Google’s search than the millions of black South Africans who live in such conditions. Many people felt that even on the internet, black people weren’t being represented equally.

However people are saying that it’s not google’s fault, and it goes right down to it’s algorithm. White people living in slums is “news”, while black people living in slums is just another day. As a result, there have been several news articles about the ‘white slums’ situation which have  falsely skewed the image results.


image: Red Ice

In particular, two articles in the UK’s Mail Online and BBC appear to be the ones bringing up a large amount of the Google image search results, claiming that 400,000 white South Africans are living in conditions of extreme poverty.

The same figures are wrong however. It’s been confirmed by Statistics South Africa’s 2011 General Household Survey that only about 98,000 Asians, colored and white households live in slums.

However, about 13% of South Africa’s households live in slums, and most of them are black.