Samantha’s New Upgrade Allows Her To Say No To Intercourse

image: youtube

If you thought that Samantha was an easier target than normal women, you’ll be very disappointed  at this latest news.

It’s going to be a little harder. Thanks to her new upgrade, you now need Samantha’s consent before you can have sex with her.

Makers of sex robot say the latest version has the capacity to decline sex, meaning it offers a more real-life scenario to users. So now you may have to ‘convince’ Samantha to have sex with you, like you would any other normal woman.

The upgraded Samantha has hidden sensors under her skin, giving her the capacity to respond to affection in a similar way to a real-life human. You’re going to have to earn her affection.

A micro-computer inside her plastic skull can also remember previous “interactions” with her “lover” to improve future experiences.

She can also be switched between “family”, “romantic” and “sex” settings, including an ultra-raunchy “extra naughty” level depending what the user has in mind for the evening.