What To Expect From These Top 20 Nollywood Characters

Image: Nollywood Mindspace

Nigeria has come a long way in both music and filmmaking and has seen a lot of the industry’s players.

Nollywood is undoubtedly the one of the biggest film industries in Africa. These actors and actresses played they’re roles so well that their names are still household names even in neighbouring countries. Here are 20 of them.

1. John Okafor

Nollywood’s Mr. Bean and called Ibu in almost every movie. He earns money just by being foolish. Funny as hell.


2. Francis Odega

He’s Nollywood’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) so he’s always glued to gates. Does aproko (gossips) more than Nkechi and also a talkative. I’m arahia mehn.


3. Chioma Chukwuka

Always the good girl and has no problem. Modern-day Mary. Only a bad girl when she’s a twin.


4. Kanayo O. Kanayo

The ‘baddest’ ritualist ever liveth. Will use just anybody to make himself rich.


5. Olu Jacobs

If you’re watching a Nollywood movie and he’s not the king, wake up, it’s a nightmare.


6. Omotola Jolade

The finest, anti-oldage, folks who a young enough to be her grandchildren still trip for her.


7. Nkem Owoh

He always has something to say in every situation. More cunning than the tortoise and so stingy, he can beg from an actual beggar.


8. Pete Edochie

The words that come out of his mouth is countable but do more harm than an AK47. He’s capable of killing an entire village from his backyard via oracle.


9. Chinwe Owoh & Ngozi Ezeonu

Agents of tears and sorrows. Once they cried and a village was flooded.


10. Desmond Elliott

Always plays the good guy. Couldn’t get enough of Nollywood money so dived into politics.


11. Genevieve Nnaji

The richest girl, no matter how life turns against her in the beginning, she ends up wealthy.


12. Chinedu Ikediazi & Osita Iheme

Agents of the devil himself. These two can torment your life till you tap out. You’ll think they’re your mates but are older than your ancestors. It gets pretty emotional when all odds are against them.


13. Hanks Anuku

Nollywood’s own Al Pacino. Author and finisher of bad gang. Always coming from America mehn! And no one can tell if he’s a Ghanaian or Nigerian.


14. Jim Iyke

Even in village movies he has an American accent. Arrogant and pompous, he doesn’t give a f*ck mehn!


15. Patience Ozokwo

Modern-day Jezebel. The worst mother-in-law you can ever get. Poisonist, problemist, envyist [all other negative adjectives included] etc.


16. Nkiru Sylvanus

So innocent, cries more than Michael Jordan’s memes. Once brought out emotions from Satan himself.


17. Funke Akindele aka Jenifa

Always hyperactive, she once threatened to beat Satan up. Crazy as hell and has her own accent.


18. Joke Silva

The only ‘silver’ medal Nigeria can boast of. Matured in every aspect.


19. Chiwetel Agu

As you see now, he’s walking to see a native doctor. Thinking of whom to kill since he ran out of brothers.


20. Imeh Bishop

With his wicked Ibibio accent, sold his sense to the devil. Nollywood’s most ‘unserious’ man however talented all the same.


Credit: Bad Dude/Facebook