The One Almighty God Is On Twitter, And He’s Sarcastic AF

image: Huffington Post

So God, as in the father of Jesus. The one who has a bible about him. The one and only God, has a twitter account.

He is refered to as “God” on Twitter, and has an immense following of 5.3 million followers. Not nearly as much as all the followers he has in the whole world and throughout history, but it’s still not bad for Twitter. He hasn’t been verified however (with the blue tick), but then again even in real life, has God ever been verified?

Whether or not he may in fact be the real God tweeting away is a long shot, however one thing is for sure, he is one sarcastic character.

Here are 9 tweets that prove how sarcastic God is: 

1. God is pro-death.

2. How funny is this?

3. For the football fans.

4. Could this be true?

5. Huh?

6. Hilarious.

7. He’ll take credit for Ronaldo.

8. Guys?!

9. Now he’s just trying to scare us.