4 Kenyan News Bloopers Who Got Their Big Break After Being Featured In Major Adverts

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Kenyan news is more often than not quite entertaining!

I especially like the segments where roving reporters hit the streets to ask Kenyan witnesses to elaborate more on an incident that had happened and the witnesses end up giving us a hilarious explanation – It could be a case of severe mother-tongue interference, better known as shrubbing here in Kenya, or a funny accent or weird explanation and in most cases, the video ends up going viral and if you’re lucky enough, you just might get your big break.

From news bloopers to stars – here are some notable news bloopers who got their big break after being featured in a series of major adverts in Kenya.

1. Jose the witnesser.

Jose the Witnesser was the overly enthusiastic funny guy who was explaining about a robbery and kidnapping incident in Kasarani and the minute he mentioned “Ni kama ndrama ni kama findeo” he became an internet sensation.


2. Jane Anyango – ‘Serikali Saidia.’

Jane Anyango, better known as ‘mama serikali saidia’ was the lady who was pleading with the government for assistance after being hit hard by the floods.


3. Alice Wambui.

Alice was explaining a boda-boda incident and couldn’t say piki piki; she called it kifi kifi. To add salt to injury, she sounded rather clueless, stammering here and there and her heavy kuyuu accent played a huge part in making the video extremely funny.


4. Bonoko.

Bonoko is probably the most famous of the above-mentioned news bloopers, having bagged a job as a Radio Host and even a song after him. He was explaining about an incident in Ngara where someone was being arrested by cops after being caught going on a short call in the street; haha the funny part was him explaining how the guy got killed and then introducing us to the word bonoko (fake gun).

So how did they get their big break?

safaricom adverts featuring news bloopers

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Well, Kenya’s telecommunications giant Safaricom reached out to the four bloopers and gave them a once in a life time chance of appearing in a series of Safaricom’s ‘Story Ibambe’ adverts which were a massive success. In the adverts, they channeled their ‘viral video’ personas making the advert even more hilarious and going with the keep the interesting story going theme.

Here’s one example of the many ‘story ibambe’ adverts featuring one of the news bloopers.

And now, the “witnessers” are back again as the faces of the latest series of Safaricom adverts, ‘Tunikiwa Everyday’/’Tunikiwa Daily’ offers which is an option that allows Safaricom users to choose daily mobile options of either making calls, sending SMS or internet usage at favorable costs, valid for 24 hours by dialing *444#.

Watch the first advert featuring Jose the witnesser:

And another featuring Jane Anyango:

After being made fun of and laughed at, they had the last laugh, smiling all the way to the bank thanks to a series of TV, Print ad, and billboard features.

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