Kenyan Model Says She Was Attacked By Employers For Being Too Beautiful And We’re Doubting

image: Ghafla!

Look at her, would you call her beautiful?


image: ghafla

I mean she’s light skinned and has an amazing body, sure, but I don’t know if she’s GORGEOUS per say. She looks good, just okay to me, anyways.

She goes by Rehama Safari, and she is actually a super model in Ireland. She even won Miss AFRO Europe 2014. I took to google to see other pictures, and she didn’t strike me as particularly stunning even after perusing through several other images. But, oh well.


image: ghafla

This Kenyan woman claims she was harassed for her beauty before she managed to succeeded.

Before she made it as a model, she would do menial jobs. The Kenyan beauty queen worked at nursing homes only for the elderly where she used to wash old people’s bottoms and also did other odds jobs. While during this trying time she revealed that she was so beautiful, employers would shun her and even tell her to cut her hair, she says:

“I have faced so many challenges, I have gone to places and I have been told am too beautiful to work at such place, I am too beautiful I need to cut my hair short, I am causing a lot of distraction towards my co-workers, I am too beautiful I am taking all the attention away from other co-workers to be noticed, I am distracting patients etc. Excuse after excuse It came a time I said why why me God why me what is this beauty all about is it to destroy my life,”

What level of vanity this is I don’t know or understand, but I won’t judge.