11 Ghanaian Rappers Who Spit Lyrics We Can Barely Understand

Image: Elliot Grandberry/1Grandberry/Instagram

By: Paa Kwasi Boakye | 1 year(s) ago

We all know that in the entertainment world, most things are made up.

It’s worse in music; many things in music videos are all just for the show business. To some rappers, it’s all about yapping about things they do not have or simply making up words that rhyme.

Hip Hop fanatics will tell you that the genre is a culture and it speaks about the struggles of a black man living in America. In Ghana however, rappers would rather rap about a culture have no clue about instead of focusing on life in Ghana.

Here are some Ghanaian rappers who use a lot of ’empty’ words.


ahsjhdakdanbdmna mo feeli me rhyme? What rhyme Guru?

Image: Elliot Grandberry/1Grandberry/Instagram

Image: Elliot Grandberry/1Grandberry/Instagram


Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese can virtually make a word out of anything for the sake of a cool rhyme.



Stone (Bradez)

Opopropopopo tim po! … hemenehemehene! we need a translator here please…

flowking stone



He is one of my favorite rappers but sometimes he spews a lot of un-relatable stuff. In one his raps, he was talking about cocaine and things! EL watches too much American movies, I guess …




Pope Skinny

This dude actually said Snoop Dogg called him out over his rap style, not even in his wildest dreams.

pope skinny tutulapato


Dee Moneey

I just come thru in that G-wagon – Dee Moneey – Finish Line

This dude has been talking about Range Rovers, G-Wagen and stuff he doesn’t have.

Image: Dee Moneey/Instagram

Image: Dee Moneey/Instagram


Yaa Pono

“Me bu atopa ten thousand, wobu s3n?” – Kontihene – Dedeede featuring Yaa Pono

Another nonfa rapper, Most of the time you hear him talking about farts or weed etc.





“… I made it from the slums back in Africa where most of my niggas committed suicide … ”  –  Sarkodie – New Guy

… Ei! akoa wei twa ntoro …. We can list over a 100 obvious lies he’s said in his rap. Let’s leave that for another day.




That is what you get when Kwaw Kese is your mentor and Pope Skinny is your former manager.  In some of his raps, he talks about female menstrual cycle and some honestly dumb stuff. Aint he 11 years old, tsk!




He has been acclaimed as one of the fastest rappers in Ghana, some even say he’s the fastest but what’s the use of fast rap when you can’t hear a thing? tsk! These Ghanaian rappers .. SMH




“Life is like Davido and Wizkid … Life is short like Mayweather” – R2Bees – Life

… so upon all the comparisons in this world about life, Davido and Wizkid were the only comparison Paedae could come up with ? …. sigh?

Image: AfroBase.com

Image: AfroBase.com


Pappy Kojo

Someone actually complied a video of the countless times he talked about farts in his songs … Sigh! Since when did farts become a cool thing?

Pappy Kojo Always Talk About Farts In His SongsCome to think of it, it’s true o, Pappy Kojo is always talking about farts in his song and he’s a fante … *raise eyebrows*Video by Ajeezay

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