I’ll Be The King Of Ghana Music Until I Retire – Sarkodie Tells Doubters


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    By: Quaci Kyei | 1 year(s) ago

    Sarkodie has made it clear to all those who doubt him that he’ll continue to reign in Ghana music till he retires.

    The rapper made this comment in an interview with the BBC after his performance at the o2 Arena.

    According to StarrFmOnline, Sarkodie in the interview stated that his rise to fame was not by accident or chance but by dint of hard work. He then threw a challenge to his doubters to watch him because he’s not going to fade anytime soon but will dominate the music scene until he chooses not to.




    “I believe most rappers; because hiphop is based on ego, turn to fight the fact that people want to push you down and try and make you feel that you can’t be here tomorrow, like you’re hitting for today, this is your time by the next 2 years you are not going to make it.

    And it begins to make you nervous, you believe in yourself but you kind of like get what they are saying in a way like you are not going to have this for long; but then I did not even come out to be just one of the artistes, I was the artist when I came out as Sarkodie.

    Today I want to challenge anybody who is still doubting that it’s going to be Sarkodie in the next 2 or 3 or 4, 5, 10, 11 years until I choose not to,” he said.

    Sarkodie has come under some media war after releasing a song to hit hard at some radio personalities for always criticizing him. This prompted a response from one of them, Mark Okraku Mantey.

    He explained that they only criticize him because they love his art and want him to succeed.


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