16 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Fancy Gadam The New Artist Of The Year

By: Kwaku Darko | 14 Day(s) ago

Meet Fancy Gadam.

The new artist of the year at the 2017 Ghana Music Awards.

fany gadam


Many are doubting his credibility and they think he doesn’t deserve the award simply because they don’t know him.

We are sure you never knew but here are 16 facts about the new artist of the year you probably don’t know.

1. His real name is Mujahid Ahmed Bello (He’s got some Nigerian blood in him).


2. He’s the rush energy drink ambassador for the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

fancy gadam


3. He was born in 1988.



4. He has his own officialΒ website, something most Ghanaian musicians don’t see the need for.


5. His first album was titled “Kalipo” and it was released in 2011


6. He’s performed on the same stage with Davido, Wizkid and many other great artists from Ghana and beyond.

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7. His second album was titled, “Ashili” and had two great hits, “Dawgu” and “Alkaida” and this was in 2012.

26th April is da launch hop to see u all@ warders canteen I love my funs

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8. He’s currently working on his third album.

Hop to see u all

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9. He’s a very good singer, rapper and great dancehall artist as well.Β 


10. He was featured on Flowking Stone’s “Go Low remix”


11. He’s filled the Tamale sports stadium to the fullest on countless times, a massive crowd no artist in Ghana has ever pulled, not even Shatta Wale.


12. Nine people died at one of his events in Kumasi when there was a stampede due to the enormous crowd that turned out atΒ the show. He was underestimated and the organisers booked a small place and were later overwhelmed by the crowd.


13. A single from his third album “Takahi” is already receiving massive airtime play and reviews in the North.


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14. He’s the most down to earth and respectful musician you’ll ever meet.


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15. He is an old student of Police Barracks High School in Tamale, he completed in 2004.

Peace Concert Grand Finale @ Tamale Sports Stadium My People Thank You πŸ™

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16. He already has two awards to his credit in the North.

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