Shakespeare’s Juliet Resurrects As A Lesbian Vampire Played By US-based Ghanaian Actress, Ella Kweku

Image: Elizabeth Kweku/IG

Meet Elizabeth Kweku Quintero.

She is an international model, singer, actress and Ghanaian by birth.

Born and raised in Tenerife, Spain, to a Ghanaian father and Spanish mother, she is the youngest of two daughters. Ella Kweku — her given stage name, began her modelling career in 2004 and got shortlisted as a young contestant to be part of Spain’s Next Top Model in 2006.

Image: Elizabeth Kweku/IG

After a couple of years based in Madrid she decided to keep expanding her career and auditioned for acting schools in London and Los Angeles. Upon invitation she began her studies at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and was granted a scholarship for talent.

Adding to her acting portfolio, Ella stars in the Ronnie Khalil-directed movie, “With a Kiss I Die” in which she plays the role of Juliet of ‘Romeo and Juliet‘ fame.

Image: Screenshot/With a Kiss I Die starring Ella Kweku

Juliet Capulet is forced to live for eternity knowing that her true love died in her arms. Broken and numb, she meets a young woman who captures her heart again and teaches her that love and loss are all a part of life.

Ella also starred in ‘Ismael‘ and ‘No Snakes in Garden‘ in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Wait, Juliet killed herself, right?

Yeah, that part is true or at least she tried😉. Let me fill you in on some spoilers, she was turned by a vampire.

Hey Ella, we’re hoping for a homecoming one day. You’re always welcome, see you soon.

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