10 Reactions Of People To The Black Panther

Black Panther is a 2018 super hero movie based on the Marvel Comic character.

It portrays the King of an African nation, Wakanda, who despite all odds, triumphed and was victorious. The irony here is, Wakanda was more developed than the First-world countries, which made all blacks around the world go crazy. It is therefore no surprise that in its second week, Black Panther has made over $700 million.

If you’ve watched the “Black Panther”, you know that this is the sign below;

Image result for wakanda forever sign

Here are people’s reaction to the movie:

1. Little Kids love Wakanda

 2. Trust Edo people to do remix

 3. Wonder Woman was not left out

4. Even footballers got in on the action

5. They came out in Danshiki

6. Oyibo also joined the family. #WakandaForever

7. These guys didn’t come to play

8. There’s even a cake inspired by the battle scene between T’Challa and Killmonger

9. Family loves Wakanda

10. Animals were not left out