This Single Dad Styles His Little Girl’s Hair And You’ll Want To Copy (Pictures)

image: instagram

A devoted father from Texas has created an Instagram account to show his special bond with his adorable daughter.

Michael Worthington, 30, lives in Dallas with his five-year-old Asia. Their father/daughter duo have inspired more than a million followers on Instagram with his account Icemikeloveasia which has more than 1,100,000 followers.

Michael and Asia’s mother split up over two years ago. But the model has made a point to spend as much time with his daughter as possible.

Many of the posts show Worthington expertly doing Asia’s hair, which can involve braiding it, or putting it up into a sleek bun. He now hopes his posts will inspire young men to spend time with their children and be involved in the different stages of their lives. ‘Asia’s mother and I separated about two years ago,’ Worthington wrote next to a rare photo of Asia with her two parents. ‘I didn’t let that stop me from seeing Asia.

Here are the lovely daddy daughter duo, that’ll make you want to do the same to your own (future or present) daughter:  

1. Dad helping his daughter out with a back to school hairstyle. 

2. Love. 

3. How creative is this? 

4. Doing bantu knots on her. 

5. You need to try this on your kid one day. 

Daddy Does Hair Tour…this summer! Link in bio for details!

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6. Or this. 

7. Last but not least.

I’m bout to turn up 🔥 Check out my last video 👉🏽

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