15 Signs That You’re Addicted To Makeup

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Makeup is amazing!

It’s really not hard to get addicted to something that makes you look so fabulous. If you just can’t seem to stop piling up the products (even though you already have too much). Here are some things you will relate to.

1. You have a full case of makeup products, even more than most makeup artists

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2. And you keep buying more and more 


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3. You’ve gone hungry just to be able to afford a new makeup product



4. You spend all your free time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube


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5. Once you get that credit alert, you’re running to buy makeup like:


6. You follow a LOT of beauty influencers and makeup artists on Instagram

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7. All of your friends come to your house to get ready because you have the skills plus all the products they need:


8. Your brows are always on fleek

Ral Onyeachonam LoveGlam Makeup

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9. And you’re super adventurous with the lipstick colours

Beyonce makeup gif

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10. And the worst thing that can happen is for your makeup to not turn out perfect

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11. You know how to achieve every look

Make Up: Girl with smokey eye

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12. Your account might be empty, but you constantly slay your makeup

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13. This is you when someone says you buy/use too much makeup

Mind your business

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14. This is you when there’s a sale

fry giving money

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15. And you can’t help but be late everyday because you’re doing your makeup

couple late

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