Rhassoul Vs Bentonite: Which Clay Is Best For Your Hair?

Image: YouTube

Long hair is every naturalista’s dream.

Clay mask is the secret weapon many naturalista use to keep their hair clean, soft and retain length. Since you’ve heard of the benefits of clay masks for natural hair and have heard of the different types, which one should you use for your hair?

There are two popular clays out there for natural hair: Bentonite and Rhassoul clays.

You’re probably wondering which of them is best for your hair. As every natural hair girl knows, nobody puts anything on their hair without first doing the research. Both clays can also be used in your facial care regimen to help remove impurities in your pores and give you a fresher face.


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Every natural girl’s best research tool is YouTube.

And I turn to my favourite natural hair vlogger, Olivia Rose for answers. After comparing the two clays, she found that both are similar when it comes to bringing out your curl pattern. They are also similar in price, cleaning effect and volume.


Image: YouTube


But the difference in the two clays is in their drying effect on hair.

If you want a milder cleansing that doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry, then Rhassoul clay is better for you. If you want a more thorough cleansing especially if your hair is dirty, then Bentonite clay is what you need.


Image: YouTube


Here is Olivia Rose explaining how to use both clays and their effects on hair:


Have you tried using either Bentonite or Rhassoul clay on your hair? How did your hair feel?