This Is Why Every Naturalista Needs A Clay Mask In Their Hair Routine

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Maintaining natural hair can be tough if you don’t know some tricks.

Not every naturalista can afford to shell out money every month for expensive hair care products that may not work on your hair especially if it is 4c hair. Every naturalista needs a hair care routine which they follow. And one of the tricks we have discovered is the use of a clay mask treatment. Many people are familiar with clay masks for their face but not many people know that clays like Bentonite and Rhassoul can be used on hair.


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If you don’t know about the benefits of using the clay mask treatment, here are some of them:

1. Curl Definer

If you’re a naturalista who has never gotten their hair to curl except you have tons of hair product in it, it’s time you get on the clay mask treatment journey. The clay masks for hair basically brings out your curl pattern and makes your entire head of hair curl up.

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2. Cleanser

If you’re looking for an alternative to cleansing your hair, the clay mask treatment has got you. Clay masks clean your hair and remove impurities, dirt and product buildup.

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3. Softer hair

Not everyone has baby soft hair. Some people have hair that can only be described as comb eater. Clays help your hair stay soft and silky like a baby’s hair.




4. Removes dandruff

Cleansing isn’t all clay masks do. They also help if you have a dandruff problem and are in the market for a natural product.

Woman combing her frizzy hair

Image: BlackHair.About


5. Helps you retain length

One thing about growing your hair is retaining length. Your hair grows about 6 inches by itself every year. But the problem comes when you don’t retain the length of hair you already have. If your hair breaks all the time, then a clay mask is what you need to strengthen your hair and retain growth.

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Do you need any more reason to add a clay mask to your hair routine?