12 Natural Facial Cleansers You Should Definitely Be Using

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We encounter so much dirt on a daily basis that you need to cleanse your face for so many reasons.

The lack of sebum on the surface of the skin allows bacteria to penetrate the follicle causing inflammation. The final result is acne. Proper skin cleansing clears pores of debris to prevent dirt buildup, allowing the sebum oil to reach the skin surface unimpeded; decreasing the chances of a breakout.

Some people, however, are scared of using the packaged cleansers because they may be harsh for their skin types and as thus, it is necessary to use the natural medium available.

Here are eleven you should try out


1. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

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2. Clay


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3. Baking soda

baking soda remedies

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4. Honey


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5. Olive Oil


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6. Coconut Oil

coconut oil

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7. Yoghurt


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8. Apple cider vinegar


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9. Mashed Fruit or Vegetables



10. Water


11. Lemon


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12. Charcoal