8 Hacks To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

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A facebeat that doesn’t last all day isn’t a proper facebeat.

No matter how good your made-up face looks, it has to last all day. If it doesn’t, then you need to fix that ASAP! Makeup is a powerful beauty tool in every lady’s arsenal, making sure it last is another tool every woman needs. Here are some simple ways to make your makeup last all day:

1. Oil-free products 

When it comes to makeup, oil-free products are best. They will stay on longer especially on really hot days.


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2. Always use a foundation primer

Using a primer before applying your foundation will keep your makeup on all day long.


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3. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are your friends

For your mascara and eyeliner to stay on all day, always use waterproof mascara and liner. That way they won’t run even when you cry or are caught in the rain.

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4. Eyeshadow primer

If you want your eyeshadow to last till you take it off at night, invest in an eyeshadow primer. It works just like the foundation primer and will keep your eyelids popping all day long.

Black Girl Eyeshadow makeup

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5. Always spot-treat shine and oil

The best time to do this is after you apply your foundation. You can spot-treat oil and shine on your face by applying powder. If you want to forgo the powder, a blotting paper is your next best option. It will leave your face less oily and your makeup will stay on longer.

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6. Less is always better

When it comes to makeup, never go in for heavy layers. Applying your makeup in light layers will make them stay on for a longer time. And light layered makeup always looks more natural.

Black Girl Makeup

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7. Setting spray is a must have

Setting sprays are used to prevent frequent touch ups. They stop your makeup from melting down and thus, last longer.

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8. Stop touching your face

Many people unconsciously touch their faces during the day. This simple act wreaks havoc on your makeup. If you want your makeup to last, keep your hands away from your face.


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