This Alternative To Drying Your Hair Without A Blow Dry Will Make It Grow Faster

image: YouTube

The less you use a blow dry the faster your hair will grow.  

Whether you just don’t have the time to blow dry or hate the thought of heat damage to your tresses, there are several effective drying and styling alternatives. The right combination of techniques and products can mean the difference between a frizzy, obviously air-dried ‘do and a sleek, healthy-looking head of hair.

Ladies, here is how to dry and straighten your hair without a blow dry: 

1. First towel dry.

Use a highly absorbent towel  to gently squeeze out excess moisture from your locks after stepping out of the shower. Don’t rub, but blot. Rubbing can lead to frizzy, damaged hair.


image: Thirsty Roots

2. Detangle. 

Gently detangle hair after towel drying with a wide-toothed comb, starting at the ends to avoid snags.


image: That Sister

3. Apply a product to your hair.

Apply a serum or other smoothing product if you have frizz-prone or unruly hair.


image: Hair at LoveToKnow

4. Style hair using your fingertips rather than a blow dryer.

Gently lift and tousle locks at the roots to help save air drying time. Flip your hair upside down a few times to get rid of any remaining moisture and further speed the drying process.


image: Natural Hair Queen

5. Braid the hair into sections and let air dry for at least two hours in a dry, ventilated space.

Leave overnight and undo the braids.


image: Black and Beautiful