Ladies, Here’s How To Get Your Edges Perfectly Laid

Image: YouTube

Every girl wants her edges to be ‘On fleek’


Want to learn how to keep those edges laid?


Here’s how:

Step 1
Spray around your hair with water from your spray bottle

We wish you today a touch of gold & Black Girl Magic!

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Step 2
Use a hard brush to bring your baby hairs forward. Your baby hairs are the shorter hair aligning around the front of your hairline.


Step 3 
As your edges are still damp use an edge control or gel of your choice apply it to your edges.


Step 4
Brush your edges in a fishhook motion going back in the direction away from your face. This will make your edges look soft and curly.


Step 5
Take a satin hair scarf and tie it down tightly on your edges for 15-20 minutes.

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Voila,your edges will look like they’ve been slayed and laid by the hair gods themselves!