Shock, Dairy Products May Be The Root Cause Of Your Skin Breakouts

image: The Co Report

Avoiding milk and other diary products may be the cure to your adult acne and breakouts.

In a post by vogue  a certain 26 year old kept off  diary products plus maintaining their skin care routine and found that their acne had completely cleared up within the span of a month.

According to research from Dartmouth Medical School, milk contains testosterone-like hormones, which may stimulate oil glands in the skin and contribute to breakouts.

However, there isn’t enough research confirming the link between diary and acne/breakouts, and there has been different approaches to the same. For example, it’s been noted that milk and ice cream have been associated with acne, but yogurt and cheese don’t seem to have the same type of effect.

A New York–based dermatologist Ellen Marmur’s patients have also seen the benefits of cutting out dairy. “Food sensitivities are intimately connected to your skin,” she said.

Regardless, while it’s worth a try, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are also negative consequences to not taking milk, considering that your bones may lack the calcium they need. If you are a tea lover like myself, you may also find it difficult to refrain from milk.

You pick your struggles.

For those who don’t mind the sacrifice, try it out for a month and see the results. Just a clarification diary products include milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and more. So that means you quit on ALL OF THOSE. If you’re going to do something do it right.