7 Crazy Beauty Trends That Should Stay In 2017

Image: MoreFM

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

And beauty bloggers are always setting the pace when it comes to trends for the month. In 2017, we were inundated with crazy beauty trends that had us going:

Chris Rock Huh WTF gif

Image: ReactionGifs


Beauty trends in 2017 that took all over Instagram and other social media platforms basically went from bad to the downright crazy. Here are some crazy beauty trends we think should absolutely stay in 2017:

1. Squiggly eyebrows

Nothing about this looks good.


Image: MoreFM


2. Nose hair extensions

This just screams for help. And is disgusting to look at.


Image: TrueDivaHair/Instagram


3. LED eyelashes

Who is comfortable with having electricity, albeit battery powered, near their precious eyes?


Image: YouTube


4. Glitter tongue

Issa no from us!


Image: India.com


5. Eyeball tattoos

We’re not itching to go blind because we see no reason why you should allow sharp objects especially tattoo needles near your eyes.


Image: Freaklin


6. Squiggly lips

Like it’s squiggly eyebrow cousin, this trend is still dead in the water.


Image: Allure


7. Braided eyebrows and its cousins

The squiggly eyebrow led to other crazy eyebrow trends that we totally hated.

Image: Pinterest


We’re all for joining trends but these crazy beauty trends should stay in 2017 as we won’t be joining them.