We Are Really Feeling This Cardi B Inspired Cornrow Updo Style For The Rainy Season

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Without a doubt, the best hairstyle for the rainy season is braids or cornrows.

You don’t have to worry about your weave or wig getting rained on and tangling or natural hair shrinking like a mother. With braids or cornrows, you’re good to go.

And with the current rains being experienced in parts of Kenya, we thought we should give you an idea of a style you can try out since sometimes, deciding on what to braid is not always the easiest task.

Back when Cardi B was a reality tv star, braids were her thing…she especially loved cornrow braids and tried out different styles.

cardi b braids

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One of her signature styles was a mohawk updo.

A beautiful combo of small side cornrows and jumbo cornrows mohawk and she looked stunning in the style.

Cardi b braids

Image: Courtesy

It’s a simple yet edgy updo.

If your hairdresser is a good enough, the style should result like this…

Cardi b cornrow braids

Image: Instagram/growing_pains1

You could also try with colored braids if you love to stand out.

The beauty of this updo is that it’s not limiting – it’s good enough for work, school, night out or a special occasion. When you need to spruce up your look, simply add some chunky earrings, a lil bit of makeup and as Cardi would put it, “Aprrroooooo you’re good to go hunny!”

Here’s a tutorial to help you achieve the style.

What do you think of the style? Yay or nay?