This Woman Is Actually 54 Years Old And It Will Blow Your Mind

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You’re probably like nah, no way. 

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But yes, she actually is 54 years old

Arnita Champion is a social media personality, incorporated business owner, motivational speaker, professional athlete and certified personal trainer. 

That’s a lot of things, but then again she’s been around for 54 years. 

Her being a fitness guru probably contributes A LOT to how impressive she looks. She can easily pass for a gorgeous 30 year old woman, further more this is her daughter:

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They could be sisters for all we know, and we want to learn her secret. 

Her personal fitness programs focus on five components of optimal health; flexibility, nutrition, strength training, weight management and cardio. Clearly it’s working for her.

Here are just a few more pictures to make you a little bit more shocked: 

1. Eish. 

2. Beautiful.

3. She looks prettier when she smiles.

4, That body is also doing well.

5. Eh. What wrinkles? 

6. Too much sauce. 

7. She’s unreal.