7 Stunning Graduation Hairstyles That’ll Work With Your Cap And Gown

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You need to look gorgeous during your big big day. 

There’s no better way than to stunt in your graduation gown for everyone in the graduation and on Instagram too. Instead of stressing over what hairstyle to wear for your family’s obligatory post-ceremony photo-shoot, get inspired by one of the following looks, which could pair perfectly with any cap and gown.

Here are 7 gorgeous graduation hairstyles to pair with your cap and gown:

1. Ultra-sleek blowout. 

Not only does a sleek blowout look great under a cap, but your style will look just as good once you toss it in the air and keep it off for the rest of the celebration.

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2. Waterfall curls.

Bouncy waterfalls curls: equal parts cool and pretty — a combination we can really get behind

3. Natural curls. 

Rock your natural curls with ease by enlisting the help of this super-brilliant hack — just adhere a simple, no-frills headband to the center of your cap, and you’re good to go.

4. Braided bun. 

Graduation season usually aligns with spring’s warmest weather, which means having your hair off your neck is a smart move. Add personality to a classic bun by braiding a small section at your hairline.

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5. Full-body curls.

Curling your hair takes time — that’s why we’re here for hairstyles that show off your work, like these bouncy, full-body curls.

6. Loose waves.

Looking for a low-key look? Create a few loose, soft waves with a flat iron.

7. Chin-grazing box braids. 

Center-parted box braids that hit right at your chin are a damn pretty way to dress up your cap and gown.